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Read our step by step guide on how to unlock your BlackBerry to work on any carrier. These instructions include both text and video tutorials.

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We have created video tutorials and documentation special for you, where you can quickly find answers at your questions and problems.

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Already purchased an unlock code? Use our Request Tracking page to get your unlocking code and insructions on how to unlock.

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Unlock BlackBerry Experience

Unlock BlackBerry Experience

Unlock BlackBerry has been rated the #1 website for the best customer service, unlocking experience and ease of use. At Unlock Blackberry we take our users experience very seriously by taking precautions from the unlocking procedure all the way to receiving the blackberry unlock code with the instructions. We provide unlock BlackBerry codes for a low price of $8.95 compared to our competition pricing unlocks at $20+ which makes us one of the cheapest BlackBerry unlocking sites. We here at Unlock BlackBerry are proud to say we have unlocked over 2000 BlackBerry's to date! If you are not satisfied by our BlackBerry unlocking service please contact us and we can work out something just for you.


Why Unlock Your BlackBerry With Us?

Check the great feature list why you should buy our template:
  • Switch SIM Cards

    Easily switch Sim cards between GSM Carriers using the same Blackberry …

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  • Save on Roaming Fees

    If you are travelling, buy a local SIM card and save on roaming fees …

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  • Get Unlock Code in Minutes

    One you have completed your order you will recieve your unlock code in minutes …

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  • We Make it Simple

    No complicated rooting, software, or cables required …

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Do you have any questions? Please, contact us. Unlock BlackBerry FAQ
Unlock Blackberry Reviews

Reviews for Unlock BlackBerry

I just wanted to let you know that this service ROCKS! I had been waiting for over 3 days from a competing website, (where I paid more) and I was frustrated. I was so surprised when it took 5 minutes and the mep was there for me to use as well as the instructions. Thank you so much for making life simple. Thanks Unlock BlackBerry!

Matthew, New York NY

I bought my BlackBerry from Verizon yesterday only to find out it was locked. I looked on the interwebs on how to unlock my BlackBerry only to run into unlockblackberry.com, which btw is the best website ever. They unlocked my phone with no hassles and now I can call kakarot from AT&T which is awesome.

Vegeta, Planet Vegeta